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Challenge: PerNoEdMo: Days 2-4: Social Life Gets in the Way and Panera Offers Answers


None of the editing happened on day 2 of my PerNoEdMo challenge.  From work I went to my friends’ house, where I spent literally the remainder of the night talking with friends around a fire and enjoying some homemade bread and chili.  I decided this was more important than my PerNoEdMo goal.

Day 3 of PerNoEdMo was lost to work, an attempt to cobble together last minute plans that was really more an exercise in futility, a game night invite, and the fact that 9:57p now feels like 10:57p.  I’m exhausted, and I hate that I am.

Day 4 began as day 1 did with a plan to meet for coffee that didn’t go rightly.  But it meant that I was awake and began my PerNoEdMo battle early.  Today I ponder whether or not or how much my protagonist needs to know about the relationship between his grandfather and his mother.  I have some lines in the conversation that I really love and don’t want to lose:

“Grandfather,” Veil’s voice escaped in a whisper, “did my mother—”

“I loved your mother.”

“I know.  But did she—did she hurt you?”

“All children hurt their parents.  All of them leave.”

but I’m just not sure that the reveal is necessary though it is definitely interesting.  My protagonist is aware already that his grandfather and his mother were separated when the protagonist’s parents were killed.  He is aware that his grandfather loved his mother but that his grandfather had some quarrel with the protagonist’s father.  Veil does learn in this scene that his grandfather didn’t know about Veil, that it took his grandfather some time to learn of his existence and longer to find out where he was.  I’m a little surprised that this has not come up earlier in the novel.  Veil also learns that his father was born without magic.

I am also lamenting the number of world-appropriate euphemisms for having sex, because my antagonist would not be so blunt as to mention it by name, but I don’t really want to invent a new euphemism for fear that it won’t be understood by either my protagonist or the readers.

I also need to review my protagonist’s view of sex and the views of those who have raised him.

In an attempt to resurrect the coffee date of this morning, I have moved for the remainder of the hours before work to Panera.  Sometimes it really is nice to be able to peoplewatch while writing.  I had logged onto the Internet here to look up “towhead in white” to try to determine if white is a good or bad color for most platinum blonds.  And that was when a blonde woman in a white jacket walked through the door.  Fate.  There are actually a surprising number of blondes wearing white here, and some blondes wearing dark colors to offer me both arguments of colors in which to dress my protagonist.

One quick change made the whole of the section that I’ve been working on seem better connected, so that was a win for sure, and I had to stop myself from getting up and doing a happy dance in the aisle between the tables here.

And then I worked.

And then I got home.  And then I rediscovered BBC comedies, and now it’s 12:21a.