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Challenge: Legal Theft: To Fly (291 words)


“It’s a shame about your face.” It was a stupid thing to say, but it smothered the insults that Darryn might otherwise have shouted.

Aidan touched his cheek then looked at the blood on his fingers. “A few scars never hurt anyone,” he told Darryn.

“I guess,” Darryn babbled, “no one but you was hurt, and nothing broke—except the sled—so—”

“So how many seconds was I in the air?” Aidan begged. His grin stretched the cuts on his face so that they leaked a few more droplets of blood. “How many?”

“I—” Darryn had promised to count, but that promise had been drowned out by Aidan’s exhilarated yell, and the silent scream in Darryn’s mind as he had watched the sled shoot off of the roof like an arrow loosed through the air where no man had a right to be for as long as Aidan had been, then by the crunch of his own feet on the snow as Darryn had run after the sled, trying to determine where it would fall.

Aidan groaned, tossing his head back. “Darryn.”

“I’m sorry. I thought you would die when you crashed, and I—”

“Well, I guess it doesn’t matter.” Aidan smirked. “I’ll just have to try again, and now that you know that I wo—”

“Don’t you dare! Don’t you ever do that again!”

“You are such a wet cat.”

“Better a wet cat than a skinned one.”

Aidan touched his cheek again. “It’s not that much skin.” He looked up at Darryn. “Is it?”

Darryn shook his head. He grabbed Aidan’s arm and tugged his friend to his feet. “Come on,” he grunted. “We’ll get you to Gitta. She can patch you up. I hope.”

This week and for the remainder of the summer, we’re doing something a little different for legal theft.  Each Thursday, we band of thieves will all steal the same line so that there will be up to 6 short fiction pieces all using the same first line.  This week, the line was stolen “Old Prejudices” by Bek at Building A Door.  I’ll provide links to all of the pieces using the line too.

I misread the line a bit.  It should actually have read: The first thing that she ever said to him was, “It’s a shame about your face.”  I plan on rectifying this and posting another more properly thefted piece later, but in the meantime, I was proud of this one, and it’s staying up.

While you await my corrected piece, please enjoy:

“First and Last” by Gwen on Apprentice, Never Master.

“When You’re Blue” by Kate Kearney on More Than 1/2 Mad.

Challenge: Legal Theft: Reawakened (280 words)


He hadn’t been expecting anyone and with the roads all blocked by several inches of new-fallen snow he didn’t know who could have come to the front door.  Jon lived some distance from the nearest neighbor.  He appreciated the quiet.  Nevertheless, Jon went to the door.  It opened onto the snow-dusted form of a woman, bundled in a puffy marshmallow of a white winter coat from which popped a scarlet scarf and black earmuffs that didn’t match the rest of the ensemble.  Suzanne had moved to the neighborhood not long ago.  A grown woman with streaks of white already in her blond hair, masking some of the snowflakes, Suzanne beamed now with her cheeks blushed by the cold like a child of seven.  “You,” she said without preamble, “have lived her a long while.”

“Yes,” Jon confirmed.

“Where is the best place to go sledding?”

“Sledding?”  He hadn’t been sledding in years.  High school had ended and college had begun and work had counted the hours between classes and study.  Friends had moved away.  The rare winter snowfall had become a time for rest or a time to catch up on what hadn’t been finished the day before.  Still, the elementary age delight in the snowfall had remained in traditions like putting a spoon beneath his pillow and wearing his pajamas inside out as he’d done the night before, the subtle childlike rituals that could be easily hidden from a world demanding a scripted adulthood.

“Yes.  Sledding.  And have you got a sled?”

Did he?  He looked past her at the snowflurry beyond the porch.  “There might be one in the shed.”

“Perfect.  Get it.  Get dressed.  Take me sledding.”

Bek at BuildingADoor is a thief!  She stole the first line of this piece to write “First Snow,” and she I were on near wavelengths this time.  Head over to her blog to check it out.