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Challenge: PerNoEdMo: Days 17-18: Character Names and Doors


Day 17 the only thing that I did was waffle on the name “Bill” for an extremely minor character, a debate that has spilled over into day 18.  He may also end up being called “Sykes,” and I would like to ask you, my readers, for other suggestions.  This is a throwaway character.  His name is going to come up in this one conversation (I may even decide to call him by his title and skip his name) and never again.  If you’re a Dickens fan, you’ve probably already guessed the man’s profession:  “Bill” or “Sykes” or whatever he may be called is a pimp and a trader and a generally unpleasant fellow.  Because his is such a throwaway, I want to give him a name that hints at his profession.  Most of what I read, you’ll notice, is for a readership thankfully mostly ignorant of the existence of such people.  Let me ask then those of who read more adult books, who are some famous literary pimps?  There’s Pandarus, yes, but I don’t think that I want to use that name for my character.  That’s a little too obvious.  Can you name any more for me?  A little more digging has uncovered the possible names of “Harris” or “Derrick” (“Samuel” is too nice a name to waste on such a character.)  Voting open.  Thanks!

Usually the comments that I’ve left myself in previous edits I can now ignore, but today I stumbled across one questioning what material would be used to make the doors in my hollowed out mountain fortress.  Are they wooden or stone?  I’m really not sure, but I do need to know, or I suppose I need to know because I want to know if a knock on a door could be heard, though as my note said, I think that a metal knocker might make enough noise on even a stone door to make itself heard from the other side.  The question here is also whether the fortress’ makers would have been trying to create a comfortable atmosphere or if they’d have been more concerned with security.  All this makes me suspect that the doors are made of stone, in which case I may need to search for any reference to them as wooden, as being knocked upon, and maybe add some comments on the fact that the doors are made of stone, which would be a novelty for my protagonist, who lives in wooden cottage.  But what do you think?

A more major character is also changing his name.  I’ve been getting fed up with his name for a few days now, and now that I’m about to get to his scenes, it is time to start looking for a new name for him.  I think he’s settled on one because it is both a good and telling name and it will be an inside joke with myself and perhaps a few readers.

I got through a lot today.  I’m ending the day at 359 or 406.  I’m realizing that there is a day of training montage that may be unnecessary or that it might be possible to combine with the previous day’s montage.  I’m only stopping now because I need to give some serious thought to plot points, and I don’t want to get into that can of worms today.  47 more pages to edit in 12 days!  That’s only 4 pages a day.  That’s doable….  I have 139,325 words.