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Challenge: PerNoEdMo: Days 24-25: Camera Angles and Viewpoints


Day 24 I gave up on for a sick day.  I spent the day watching movies, television, and YouTube videos and cuddling a puppy.  I did do some thinking about the novel, though.  How could I not?  I’m less certain now that my antagonist would have the protagonist held back during the antagonist’s villainy.  He might just incapacitate him.  Nasty antagonist.  I will have to try to write the story this way and see if it takes.  (Note: he was a little more violent, but my protagonist still get just held back.)   Also, I came up with the villain’s reason to keep the captive that he does.  People (other villains) have asked me this question before.  Now I have an answer, and I hope that it will please these villains.

Day 25, I started on page 363 of 407 again.  My characters gave me a rewrite that I’m pleased with.  I always wondered why only this one magic was visible as anything other than its effects, and though I could rationalize it, I like it better now that it is as invisible as every other magic.  I think readers will too.

I wrote out a fight scene blow by blow only to realize that my protagonist is not in a state to be able to recognize a blow by blow.  I may have to… I don’t know, save that for a weird scene out of character to be put in a paperback release or maybe to give to a movie director so that she knows what’s happening and can accurately depict the fight then put a filter over the footage to wash it all out.  Or wash some of it out.  There’re a lot of close thirds and first novels that have been made into movies.  All of them have cast a protagonist rather than have the camera be the protagonist.  This is just an observation, Hollywood.

I’m ending around page 371 of 407.  139,657 words.  I’m stopping for the night because it looks like I’ll have to remind myself of what got to stay in the story before I can finish up this scene.

(I realized today that I cut a line that I really liked: “I don’t know.  I’m a magician not a physician.”  Then I realized that I potentially enjoyed it so because it was not only a good, musical line but also an accidental Star Trek reference: “Dammit, Jim.  I’m a doctor, not a ___.”)

I think I will also need to go back and rewrite the ending of this scene. Why not?  I’ve rewritten most of it and liked what I’ve done.