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Challenge: PerNoEdMo: Days 26-29: Penultimate


Day 26 I realized that my explanation of a magical attack was nonsensical.  I’m fixing it, making it more simple.  I’m ending on 375 of 407.  I have 139,585 words.

Day 27 I found a few continuity issues.  I now have to figure out why reinforcements didn’t come from down the hall.  I know he’s been ordered not to leave his post.  But not to leave his post even with the odd sounds that have to be drifting down the hallway?  Or maybe nothing is drifting down the hallway.  It’s probably a quite soundproof door; you would put nothing less on a cell.  Perhaps that will be my reasoning….  And then I found a conversation that relies on a scene that never happened and never will happened.  Whelp.  I think I quit for the night as it’s 12:46a.  I’m on page 379 of 407 and have 139,630 words.

Where did day 28 go?  Well, I ended that day on page 392 according to the notations in the Word doc.

I’m beginning day 29 on page 392.  Black Friday has left me exhausted.  I probably shouldn’t be editing.  I shared this site, The Historical Thesaurus, with all of my friends in a fit of excitement, so let me share it with you too.  I am calling it a day on page 400 of 407.  I  have 139,614 words.  These last few patches have been a little rougher than some, but most of the falling action is pretty smooth.

Tomorrow’s the last day.