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Challenge: PerNoEdMo: Days 14-16: Halfway and Stalled, Then Over the Hurdle


Day 14 I started the morning on page 338 of 408.  I complained a great deal about not knowing how my antagonist would speak to his lover when he thought that they were alone, and about having to even record such an awkward conversation.  I really didn’t leave page 338, though I did begin an off-screen scene of their first commingling.  Kid again heard some of it.  My roommate has I believe talked me out of visible a Lichtenberg scar, but I think I will know that he has one, just along his back where it will remain hidden (and I guess now you’ll know too).  I did an Enneagram Test for my antagonist (he’s a 3).  Then the afternoon was given over to helping a friend, and the night was sacrificed to using my computer to introduce my roommate to the Sherlock fandom.  I read through page 344, but with a mind to refresh my memory and enjoy the story rather than to edit.  I had 139,775 words at the end of day 14.

Day 15 (halfway! yikes!) sees me again on 338 of 408.  I have 70 pages left to edit in the next 15 days!  And if that isn’t a kick in the pants….  I’ve Enneagramed a second character, and she too is a 3, though he is 3 with a 4 wing and she is a 3 with a 2 wing.  Today’s quandary is how to safe search and get the answers that I need for this scene.  The answer is, as far as I can tell, that such a thing is impossible.  As such, I have not searched and will not search, but I will rewatch scenes from HBO’s The Game of Thrones, because I know then at least what I’m getting into.  In trying to find these characters’ voices, I’ve started another off-screen scene, but the most successful venture seems just to trim their dialogue.  I’ve pared down the document to 407 pages and 139,642.  I’m on page 340.  I think I’ve just forced myself over the hurtle.

Day 16 and I’m starting on page 340 of 407!  67 pages in 14 days!  Finishing day 16 having edited through page 344 and read through and made notes to page 349.  I hit a large swath that needed almost no changes at all–or I say that, but….  I have 139,643 words.

Nine Pages


Of late, I’ve been noticing that fewer and fewer of my posts adhere to the one rule that I had set up for this blog: that all posts be 550 words or less.  The challenge has reversed itself in most book reviews now:  My challenge is not to remain under 550 words but to scrounge 550 words of review.  I would rather post shorter reviews that say enough than filling out reviews with fluff.  Still I think that 550 is near the ideal length for a review or grab bag post, and I will endeavor to keep everything but my fiction near this length, but it is time for a change—a big change—a title change.

Welcome to Nine Pages.  This is still the same 550 Words or Less that you followed, but I am loosening the regulations that I’d put on myself.

Now I just want to write on the blog.  I want to post what I want.  I want it to be interesting—hopefully not just to me.

Nine Pages is a reference to myself and to the Enneagram Personality Test to which I was introduced in college by a friend.  I consistently type with that test as a 9 (wing 1) personality type, and I feel that the explanation of 9s (or 9s) actually does describe me and explain some of my quirks quite effectively.  I’ve borrowed that tag for the title of this blog.  I’m in no way endorsing the Enneagram as the be-all-end-all test of personality, and I want it known that I don’t think that you should ever let any personality test change you (all personality tests come with this danger), but I’ve found this one useful in understanding myself, understanding others, and understanding my characters, and it is an easy way to give a snapshot of myself—which after all, is what most blogs and all writing is at its core.

I’ve been left lurching when blogs have changed names on me before.  I didn’t want to do the same to you.  The URL will remain the same (at least for now).  I hope you like the new direction in which this blog is headed.

As always, feel free to send me constructive criticism.