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Challenge: PerNoEdMo: Day 13: Lichtenberg Scars and Flood Myths


Today’s rereading begins on page 331 of 408.  I’ve decided what needs to be set alight.  I need to decide how active a role my protagonist takes as a magic defibrillator.  Tonight I’m watching videos of people administering and being saved by portable defibrillators–and I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I want to describe someone being revived by a defibrillator accurately.

This morning I’ve backed up to 329 of 408.

Today involved going back and trying to determine if not a map of my antagonist’s fortress then at list a descending-ascending list of where each of the rooms visited are in relation to one another.

The same coworker asked me today if I’d heard of Lichtenberg scars (to which I answered enthusiastically “yes!”).  He may be responsible for scarring my antagonist.  I’ve not decided wholly yet that this will happen, but I’m pretty sure that it will.

Today’s other highlight was “writing” a paragraph while driving to work and having to sit a moment in the car after parking to be sure that I could get it on paper.

And there was an unrelated question that floated across my brain while working:  Does this world have a flood myth?  All (most) of our cultures have a flood myth.  Probably all of the fictional world’s cultures should have one too.

At my farthest point, I’ve edited to page 338 of 408 and have 139,800 words.  I’ve added no scarring.