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Challenge: Legal Theft: Because I Could Drown (631 words)


You and I, we enjoy one another’s company, I don’t think there’s any denying that on either side, but when it comes to the big things in life, while I hope that we can have a rational discussion, I fear that there won’t be understanding without an alteration of the heart, and I know the ground I stand on, and I won’t move.  

I don’t adhere to any particular branch of Christianity because for me Christianity is not a religion but a relationship with God, but I have chosen to believe the Christian history of God.  I believe that the Bible is God-inspired.

Is it the only God-inspired text?  Maybe not.  Maybe other sacred texts are God-inspired too because a lot of them hold similar root messages.  I don’t believe that prophets are infallible.  Peter climbed out of the boat, and he walked on water, but then he doubted and he sank.  Paul started as a hunter of the Christians and became one of the greatest teachers of Christianity.  David killed his friend to steal his wife.  The differences in the texts might be moments where the prophet doubted and he felt the winds and he felt the waves or even where he sank.  I don’t know.

What I know is that God is real.  He’s a friend of mine, and He watches out for me daily.  I see him in the eyes of my friends and in the way that their hearts bend towards the less fortunate and towards one another.  I feel him in the little moments of a car crash barely avoided, a kind word from a customer, something that goes right when I didn’t think that it could, that time that I got a 90 on the Latin test that I didn’t study for until breakfast that morning and the words of which I didn’t know when I left for class.

Somehow or another, you’ve turned your face from God, but I don’t think He’s turned from you, and maybe I’m here to throw you a life preserver, but I don’t know that I can be certain of you in a lifelong partnership.  If I pull you back on the boat, will you be able to find the life preserver if I need ever it?  Will you remind me where it is when I forget?  I want you on the boat–I want that badly–but I want a seasoned sailor–one who knows the Captain and knows the ship–to help me when I’m flailing in the water–and maybe that’s horribly selfish, it’s definitely a thought driven by fear, but it’s how I feel.

I hope you can understand that I can’t give up my First Husband for my second.  I need the second to be able to accept and love my First Husband or the partnership becomes unequal and the marriage fails to be what I want it to be, not that either is head but that each is the helpmeet of the other, the one that makes the other work best in the role that each is given by their gifts.  Because I won’t give up the One Man that I’m sure that I can depend upon for anything, despite anything, the One Man without flaw who I could find in the whole of the universe.

And I’m sorry if that hurts.  Hurting you is not what I want.  But I can’t trust my body to one with whom I cannot trust my soul.

And I hope that we can be friends still because I truly do enjoy your company, and I don’t want to lose you from this, but I had to let you know how I felt.  I had to let you know my fears.  No relationship can exist without openness.

Gwen’s a thief!  She stole this first line to write “As Loud As We Laugh,” which you can find on her blog, Apprentice, Never Master.

This is a subject I’ve been thinking and worrying about a lot lately.  And while we’re talking about fears, I’m not sure how I feel now about putting this out on the Internet and attaching my name to it, but when I wrote it, I was pretty certain that it needed to be available for the wider consumption of the Internet in some form at some time.  Then I remembered that I’d been asked if I was participating in this week’s legal theft.   I used this line for legal theft because the timing was opportune and, yes, I was interested to see what would become of it if I sent it out of context into the world.  I hope you all will take my words and fears as an opinion of an individual and not a wider population, and I hope you won’t judge me and especially not others harshly for what I’ve said.  But I hope this is what some of you need or want to hear; for whatever reason, I hope it comforts or uplifts you.  I hope you can see the hope and strength I have in my first marriage.

Challenge: Legal Theft: Stand Like a Woman (661 words)


Before you begin reading, know that I feel a PG-13 rating is in order.

Sliding into a cocky pose, she cracked the whip over with a smooth flick, “Kneel before your goddess!”

The lash stopped just short of his face, just near enough for him to feel the whisper of its passing and for the percussion of its snap to rattle the drums of his ears, to hurt almost as if the lash had connected.  “You’re no goddess of mine,” he spat.

“Of course, I’m not.  I meant the statue.”  She gestured behind her to the small, bronze model in its niche, a nude woman, arms outstretched and an expression of white fury on her face.

“I’ll kneel before no statue.”

Her head cocked like an eagle’s.  The space of one nod was all it took for him to feel rough hands on his shoulders, pressing against his joints, and painfully pressing him to his knees.

“Better,” she said, and to her associates, “Hold him there.  I don’t like people—particularly men—disrespecting the Mother.  We can talk from here or we can talk while you’re chained to the dungeon ceiling, Kayle.  If we speak in this comfort, you respect the goddess.”

“It’s to the dungeon you’ll send me anyway, Lissa.  Call off your hounds, and let me stand like a man.”

“Men don’t stand in the Mother’s presence.  If you stand, you stand like a woman.”

“Then let me stand like a woman.”

She regarded him again with that bird-bright stare.  A second nod allowed him to throw off her women and rise.  He crossed his arms over his chest.

“That’s quite an allowance from you,” Lissa said.

“And from you.  You know me for what I am.”

“It sounds as if you might yet bend to a woman’s authority and the Mother’s power.”

“I recognize when I have lost the upper hand.  It doesn’t mean that I can’t regain it.”

“Do you want to speak again from your knees, Kayle?”

“I’m perfectly comfortable.  Tell me why you’ve had me brought here, woman.”

Lissa moved with grace and ease.  She wore her femininity bared as the goddess did.  Even though he despised her, it made her difficult to ignore and difficult for him to concentrate.  The whip that she allowed to trail behind her was another distraction.  He knew the sting of whips, and this one was thick, barbed, and potentially lethal.  He wondered why she carried it.  He did not know the texts sacred to the Mother and did not know if it was in some way a symbol of the Mother’s power or merely Lissa’s.  She seated herself on the throne, softened with drapery and a cushion for her bare bottom, and she regarded him.

“You’ve come to surrender and pledge your allegiance to the Mother or die, Kayle.”

“You’ll have to kill me, Lissa.  I won’t bend to your Mother.”

“The Mother is a kind woman, Kayle.  She can forgive you, and she can protect you.”

“If I stumble on my knees and kiss her bare breasts.”

Lissa smiled.  The whip slid lazily across the floor toward him, an annoyed cat’s tail, a warning with no snap.  “The Mother asks for no such show.”

“But I cannot stand in her presence as a man?”

“You might if you first show her the respect she deserves.”

“She deserves none.  She is a product of your imagination.”

“And I believe your god to be a product of your imagination, but you would have me worship him.”

“Norhad is the Master of All, you and your women, me and my men, each creature on land or beneath it, in the sea, or in the air.  He gave you the imagination that conjured your Mother.”

“I don’t believe that.”

“It doesn’t matter what you believe.”

“Sadly, it matters to the Mother what you believe.  Will you yield, Kayle?  Will you reject your god and accept the Mother?  Or do you choose to die before her?  One more showing of the stubbornness and stupidity of men?”

I am a thief!  I stole this first line from The Babbling Buzzard.  Check back tomorrow for the link to her original piece using this line.  I know I’m interested to see what she did with it.

All legal theft pieces will be collected will be posted by the thief lord here.

I also want to say that I don’t much stand for this brand for feminism.  I won’t try to explain the way the that characters run out of control–not here.