I firmly, truly believe that.

And one thing that I can do to try to ensure that books with diverse characters make it to those who need them is to highlight those books that I’ve read that include more than one racial, sexual or gender identity, or sexual orientation.

I think we all can agree that cis, heterosexual, white protagonists are easy to find, but there are other protagonists that need a little more help still coming out from the crowd.

With that in mind, here is a collection of lists that I have made that highlight some of these characters and posts that highlight the need for these books.

Why Is There So Little Racial Diversity Among Protagonists?

People of Color in My Books from 2016

People of Color in the Books I Read in 2017: Part 1: Picture Books

People of Color in the Books I Read in 2017: Part 2: Novels

LGBTQIA+ Representation in the Books That I Read in 2017

People of Color in Books That I Read in 2018: Part 1: Novels

More complete lists can be found on my Goodreads, where I’ve been collecting not only the books that I’ve already read, but also the books that I’ve brought home to read into lists.  These lists also include books that I read before I started highlighting these books on my blog.

Books That Include People of Color in Any Capacity

Books Where a Person of Color is a Protagonist

LGBTQIA+ Characters in Any Capacity