Nine Pages has become primarily a book review site (you may find a few film reviews buried in its pages too).

I have found that sometimes when I am writing about these works, my enjoyment or lack thereof just does not come across. The text of these reviews then is what I liked about the book or what I disliked about it, but my rating is where you’re going to get a better glimpse into whether or not I genuinely enjoyed a piece.

Consider the stars you find below a review to be a quick reference guide to my feelings.

Here’s how to read those stars:

* Well, you know, if there’s nothing else for you to read….  Reading is still a laudable activity.  It was horrible; I didn’t like it.

**  It was ok, but I still didn’t really enjoy it.

*** I liked it, but I don’t think I’ll read it again any time soon.

**** It was good.  I’ll certainly read it again.

***** If I had to pick one book to bring with me to a deserted island, one book to recommend to everyone, this would be short-listed; I loved it, and I tend to rave about it to people whom I meet.  Some of these, I will read constantly, but a well-constructed book (like Perks of Being a Wallflower and Habibi) might push itself into the category, even if I’m not likely to read it every few months.  (In fact, a well-constructed book might bump itself up a star in any of these categories, or The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo would probably be a three-star book.)

If you’re searching for a book with a particular rating or higher, you can actually use the search bar at the right of the screen to do so, but I have found that searching, say, *** brings up **** and ***** as well.

Starting in October 2019, to make finding five-star books easier, I started making these ratings pop by changing the size of the stars to


Since 2014, I’ve posted an annual roundup of the best of the best, every book that I’d read that year that have earned a five-star rating.

2014 Best of the Best

2015 Best of the Best

2016 Best of the Best

2017 Best of the Best

2018 Best of the Best

2019 Best of the Best

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