Legal Theft (or the legal theft that you will see here) began as a challenge between two friends and bloggers: Gwen of Apprentice, Never Master and Bek of BuildingADoor.  The two would write an original fiction piece then send the other the first line of that piece, the challenge being for the other to write, without seeing the original, a piece of their own.  The two pieces, the original and the one written with the stolen line, would be posted on their respective blogs so that they could be compared and marveled at by the writers and readers.  After nine weeks of legal thefting from each other, Gwen and Bek asked several of us, including myself, to their gang.  Here, Gwen explains legal theft and has also collected the pieces from the gang for easy perusing.  Legal theft is due every Saturday.

The Band of Thieves:

Apprentice, Never Master


More Than 1/2 Mad

The Gate in the Wood

The Babbling Buzzard

Machete Diplomacy

Creatures, Critters and Crawlers

and myself

Although right now I’m on hiatus, the legal thieving continues!  You can find links to all of our thefts here, at the new blog dedicated to our merry band of thieves!


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