Meet the Dragon and Me

This is my dragon. Her name is Calypso. We call her Callie. Callie is the namesake of Dragon Bite Books. Especially as a young dragonet, she found that books were quite to her taste. Just not in the same sense that they are to my taste. She chewed on books. The new name for this blog and for the eBay shop came to me when I had to explain a few bite marks that she’d left in the books that I was placing up for sale. All the books that I was listing that her teeth had punctured were fortuitously books about dragons, and the marks were easy to laugh off as the blessing of a dragon.

I chew on books too. But I mean that more metaphorically.

My love of books has been carefully cultivated by the adults who raised me and also by the friends who love to share. My love has led me down long library shelves, to online forums, fanfiction sites, the front of a lecture hall, and into the desks of college classrooms.  With an English degree and a couple master’s classes in Children’s Literature, I am now a bookseller for Barnes & Noble.  I have been an editor for Wizarding Life Networks (the people who brought you Wizarding LifePanem October, and MyHogwarts now HogwartsIsHere).  I’ve written for others, sometimes about subjects I’d rather know less about, cleaned and organized bookstores, worked as an administrative coordinator whose tasks were also those of a social media director, and am still trying to claw my way into the publishing world.  (Is your publishing house or company looking for an editor?  If you think I’d be a good fit for you, let me know. I’d love to hear from you.)

This blog began when I started graduate classes.  Recently ripped from the warm embraces of college friends, it seemed an easy way to write long messages to them all and still save time to do the vast amounts of homework that sat beside me at the dinner table.  Early in its life you will find posts about my life and about my graduate classes at Hollins University.

As time went on and we became better at communication, the blog became a place for me to discuss literature–something I have always loved to do and something at which I am far more eloquent in a written than spoken form.  That is now its primary purpose.  

Occasionally a film review will sneak in, but pages not cinema screens have always been my primary source of entertainment.

You may also find pieces from when my friends and I challenged one another to continue practicing writing fiction.

I’ve also used this blog to report back on a few international trips and to post the occasional recipe or DIY project. Look around and see what you might find here at Dragon Bite Books.

Be on the lookout too for Callie’s younger brother, Beauregard Riffington “Riff” Underfoot Darcy IV. He’s more panther than dragon.

5 thoughts on “Meet the Dragon and Me

  1. That sounds like it could be fun, though I think that I prefer to gush and squee than rant and rave. Lately I’ve been reviewing EVERYTHING that I read as I read it, so some of them have been books that I would only tell people to stay away from. The Way I Act ( is probably the most recent example, but The Fingertips of Duncan Dorfman ( is probably one of the stronger warnings that I’ve written.

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