Have you discovered Goodreads?  I have.  I use it to track my progress in books that I’m currently reading (or rereading), track books that I’ve purchased and not yet read (to remind me that I don’t need more books), and track, rate, and view others’ ratings of books that I’ve already read.  It’s also a great place for recommendations and, better still, giveaways.

There are several ways to view a person’s activity on Goodreads.  You can befriend them or you can follow them.  Conservative and overly cautious as I am, I’m not willing to accept friends I’ve not met before, but I will gladly accept followers.

Before deciding that I needed to do monthly roundups of the plentiful picture books that I was reading, I had been posting one or two paragraph long reviews on Goodreads, some of which did not make it to this blog.  I may one day decide to play catch-up, but more likely I will not, so for all of my reviews, follow both accounts, and at Goodreads you will find too books that I’ve yet to read and what I am currently reading so that you can pester me if there’s a review that you’d like to see and haven’t.  This link will bring you to my Goodreads profile.

Lastly, let me just note that my “read” list on Goodreads is by no means complete.  To include every book I’ve ever read would be a challenge.  I am marking books as I read them (since joining Goodreads) and as they present themselves in my recommendations from the site.


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