For those who don’t know, one of my dreams is to open up a used bookstore and community space:

—to find good homes for good books, to keep in circulation books that aren’t living their best lives in their current homes anymore

—to provide a performance space—for fine artists to hang and sell their work, for musicians to perform, for book signings, poetry readings, and local authors’ book sales

—and a space for club meetings of all kinds as well as community events and classes—kids’ story times, crafts, up-cycling, gardening….

I’m still a long way from having what I need for a brick-and-mortar storefront, but I have books that have been donated to the cause, and books that I’ve outgrown and want to rehome.

To that effect, I’ve opened an online store.  Please take a look, and if something catches your eye, consider clicking that purchase button, getting me those few dollars closer to my dream, and getting a new book for yourself besides!

Keep checking back for an updated inventory.

I’m hoping that this will prove a great way to allow you all to support me and this blog too without me or you ever having to worry about a paywall.  Don’t worry, whether you can or do buy from me or not, you will all get exactly the same content here on this blog.