My 2016 in Books


2016 is over!  I say that with some relief.  I think a lot of us feel relief over the dawning of the new year.

But the end of a year is also a time of reflection, and Goodreads has this year (maybe it’s done so too other years, but this is the first I’ve noticed it) come up with a pretty spectacular few infographics to help reflect on my year of reading.



*As of this afternoon, Tillman‘s Wherever You Are, My Love Will Find You is still the highest rated book that I read in 2016, but it’s average rating is actually 4.58.  Bradbury‘s Fahrenheit 451 has also climbed this afternoon to 1,583,738 total reads by others.

There’s also a pictorial list of every book that I read this year.  Or there’s this form of that list too, which will give you more information, including my ratings for each book.

Here’s a fun fact that Goodreads missed in its infographics:  I read more than one book each by many authors this year.  I think that has something to do with my twice weekly story times,for which oftentimes highlighting an author is just simpler than highlighting a theme. I read the most books (12) by Mo Willems, no surprise there, and the second most by Rick Riordan (7).  After that followed Dr. Seuss with 4 books and Maggie Stiefvater, Roger Priddy, and Mike Curato all with 3 each.

I rely on Goodreads pretty heavily to help me track the books that I read (even that last tally, I discovered with its help). I like watching the lines of the bar graphs grow as the year progresses and racing myself.  This year, though I read 168 books to the 93 I read in 2015, it took me till Christmas Eve to pass last year’s page count total of 12,445 (2015’s totals are not entirely accurate because if I reread any books this year, those books are moved to 2016 instead of counting for both years).  I read far more picture books than anything else this year.  Reading for two weekly story times will do that to you, I suppose.  This year’s longest books is also significantly shorter than last year’s, George R. R. Martin‘s A Dance with Dragons at 1,112 pages.

As January progresses, I have a few more end of year lists to get to you: one celebrating all the five-star books that I read this year and another highlighting the books that included people of color.

I say it every year it feels like, but I hope to make 2017 a good year for my blog with weekly updates, helpful reviews, and some fun shenanigans.  Stay tuned.


About Kathryn

My love of books has been carefully cultivated by the adults who raised me and also by the friends who love to share. My life has led me down long library shelves, to online forums, fanfiction sites, the front of a lecture hall, and into the desks of college classrooms. With an English degree and a couple master’s classes in Children’s Literature, I am now a bookseller for Barnes & Noble. I have been an editor for Wizarding Life Networks (the people who brought you Wizarding Life, Panem October, and MyHogwarts now HogwartsIsHere).

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