Challenge: PerNoEdMo: Days 21-22: “The Rains of Castamere” Is Playing


Well, you know, I could have worked on my PerNoEdMo project on November 21, but I wrote a legal theft piece and chose to go see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire instead.  I am comfortable in my choices.  I still don’t really know how old these minions are and have moved on to puzzling where my antagonist will be able to set a fire in this room (Is there a grate for a fire?  Are there torches and torch brackets?  Would you just a light a fire in the middle of the room?  Is there a brazier or coal pit for torture purposes?), and puzzling over the room’s dimensions, etc.  I will probably just need to draw myself a map.  The room has, I think, since it was first conceived, moved to a much lower level of the fortress, shrunk, and become much less opulent.  This is not a chamber designated for an important ceremony anymore; it is cell, maybe a holding cell.  A cell with room for the… seven people I am asking it to accommodate at once.

We were overstaffed at work, so I was sent home.  More time to edit!  I began by just trashing what I had written for the beginning of this climax and writing some of it fresh.  I don’t know if I want to thank George R. R. Martin for all that he’s taught me about violence or if I want to scowl at him for giving me this ability (and I am comparing this ability to Harry’s Parseltongue in my mind), but I will say that it reads better.  I always thought that my villain seemed a little… lackluster when it came to this climax.  I still  have more editing to do, but I made some good progress.  I am on page 367 of 407, and have 139,654 words.  40 pages to go and 8 more days in which to edit them.

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