Challenge: PerNoEdMo: Day 9: A Day of Rewrites


I’m starting today on page 323 of 410.  I cut a large swath of story.  I am replacing some of it, however, with new material.  This new cultural information might actually merit a great bit of rewriting to accommodate.  But it’s just such a cool idea, and it does so much for the overarching plot!  I want to use it.

I’ve been getting distracted.  It’s past midnight.  I’m at a chapter break.  I’m going to call it for the night.

I’m on page 328 of 408 and have 139,643 words.  Friends, it’s under 140,000!  (120,000 is the golden, unreachable goal.)

Today’s update seems short.  Have one of the excerpts that I sent to the characters’ godmother while I kept her up way too late:

            “Does this mean that you have chosen me over him?”

            “Was it ever a question of choosing between you?”

            “I think so,” Elapsus said, “for you.”

            “I don’t want to hurt—I don’t want to leave either of you.”


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