Challenge: PerNoEdMo: Day 10: World-Building (and a Lot Else) Is Distracting


For some terrible, no good, very bad reason, it is 7:54p, and I am exhausted–like, considering going to bed exhausted, except that I fear I’d wake up at ridiculous o’clock and be full of energy (unlikely really, but the fear is there).  I am going to attempt to remedy the situation with tea, but I think it unlikely I will get any editing done tonight.  I did this morning reread what I’d written yesterday, and I actually trimmed the story back some more.

…Why have I crawled into bed and found myself more awake?  Is it because there are blankets and I am warm?  Is it because I am comfortable with my back against a pillow?  Did those last two cups of decaf tea kick in or is this mug of ice cream really giving me a sugar rush so quickly?

Whelp, I guess I will edit.

Let’s do this properly.  This morning I began by rereading starting on page 323 of 410.

I have settled my displaced native culture in a large swamp in the south and I am puzzling whether I want the swamp to have a name (yes, I think so), and if it ought to have a better name than the Great Swamp.  A lot of the research that I’ve done for this swamp has led me to pages about the Great Dismal Swamp, so calling it the Great Swamp does pay some homage to its real-world inspiration.  Then, even if the swamp has a cool name, the cool name would mean nothing to my protagonist, who at most would have seen the name on a map without giving it a thought.  Would giving the swamp a cool name really do anything for the story, even from a world-building standpoint?  Would it be a tasteful detail or a distraction?  Please, these questions are not rhetorical.

I went ahead and sketched out the events by day in the iCal app on my laptop.  I am again surprised by how quickly these 400 pages of action and angst are happening.  The 322 pages that I’ve edited have all occurred with a period of just over three weeks (from June 21 to July 13).

I’m really not getting any line editing done tonight, but the larger overarching plot details are trying to come together.  I’m calling it while I have 407 pages and 139,608 words.


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  1. Call it the Great Swamp of (Cardinal Direction here) or the Great Swamp for short. If you are going to be in said swamp at any point, then the native people or whoever live there might have another name for the area. Which you could create for flavor of the area, or for a pithy moment when someone finds out that the native name translates to ‘Beware Mosquitoes’ or something.

    • Beware Mosquitos would be a great name for a swamp! The name that I invented for it was simply a translation of “swamp.” And yes, we will be there a good long while (most of book 2 or 3 depending on how the story breaks). Grandfather is from said swamp, so he would know its local/Vatrin name. Veilfish would not–or would not yet. I don’t know if the invading people (who would be responsible for the maps that Veil has seen), would know its name. I suppose not…. I could also be smart about this and leave myself open to later changes by having Grandfather refer to it as “the swamp in the south.” :p

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