Challenge: PerNoEdMo: Day 27: Catch-Up


I should have just been posting these as I wrote them, but….

July 13, 2013

Two days ago (the 11th) I was given a kick by a coworker who told me that he depends upon me to become famous.  I tried to do a little editing that day, but I was rather unsuccessful.  I cut some useless stammering from my protagonist.

The night after (the 12th), I tried again to rewrite the scene that I must.  I’m still struggling with it.  There’re a few versions collecting on my Word doc.  I’m not sure what to do with it.

July 26, 2013

This week has actually been fairly productive for PerNoEdMo.  I have had a few days where I’ve done some editing.  The days I’ve not been able to edit, I’m been thinking about the novel enough that the characters have begun to “blow holes my ship.”


They want my villain to not be planning on killing the protagonist’s best friend the night that he does attempt to do so.  It really only makes sense, however, if he does plan to do so, and does plan on having the protagonist present.  I suppose I should not actually be upset with the plot as it stands.  As it stands, the villain is COLD.  As the characters want to rewrite it, he’s—what?—angry?  There.  I think I’ve just cowed them.  At least for a bit.

But the villain had to know that to kill the protagonist’s best friend then would make him the protagonist’s enemy.  How do I get around that?

This weekend, I have three days of back-to-back shifts with an hour and a half break between each.  This means I’m bringing my computer to work with me, and it means that today I worked a bit during lunch and then a bit during that break.

With today’s about 6-page cut, I have cut exactly 4,900 words from my thesis baby since February 27, 2013 (which is when I wrote a synopsis that included a word count for a contest entry).


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