Challenge: Camp NaNo: Day 22


April 22

When journeying and out of plot ideas, just add rainwater?

Also, cartography is hard, but I think it’ll be very rewarding.  When synced with my itinerary, I should have a very clear picture of the land.  I’m very much looking forward to this.  It’s already shown me that I inaccurately guessed the day that they’d be passing a major landmark.  Time to add a scene to earlier in the book!

Today’s goal: 36666

Total word count: 34816

Day’s word count: 1417

Average daily word count for April: 1584

Death count: 1

Total word count towards other projects (including this project, Facebook messages, cover letters, etc.): 257 words towards direct story planning, 936 total

Daily word count towards other projects: 25350

Average daily word count for other projects: 1234

Cups of tea: 1 caf, 1 decaf

Sugar: a bowl of ice cream and 2 cookies, 1 Cherry Dr Pepper

Hours spent at work: 0!

Hours driving: 1

What else distracted me: Friends and chores, looking for videos of Quidditch to demonstrate it to a friend.

Other campers: Apprentice, Never MasterMore Than One Page


About Kathryn

My love of books has been carefully cultivated by the adults who raised me and also by the friends who love to share. My life has led me down long library shelves, to online forums, fanfiction sites, the front of a lecture hall, and into the desks of college classrooms. With an English degree and a couple master’s classes in Children’s Literature, I am now a bookseller for Barnes & Noble. I have been an editor for Wizarding Life Networks (the people who brought you Wizarding Life, Panem October, and MyHogwarts now HogwartsIsHere).

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