Build Bridges Not Walls


I’ve been prompted to reflect on the wonder of the blogging community and of little love notes.

Yesterday while mundanely and somewhat irritatedly straightening the shelves at work, I found a small index card behind a few improperly placed books.

It made me smile.  I pocketed it.  I plan to leave it for another to find when I return to work, and thus is community expanded, smiles sparked, word spread.

This is not the first time that I have found such little love notes in a bookstore.  Finding this one from Hello reminded me of a once upon a time when my sister and I discovered a few sticky notes in Borders bookstore.  What they said now I cannot say.  What we were doing in Borders I cannot now say.  I only remember that they made us smile, made us giggle, that we took pictures of them, one of which was my sister’s background for her phone for some time.

Sticky notes and index cards are not the only way to spread such smiles.  Though illegal and technically an act of vandalism I think, this one seemed a message from God when, upon parking my car for an interview, I exited the car to see this beside the driver-side door.

This one I know to be an act of vandalism, but it became inspiration for my senior class as many of us passed it daily.

It takes so little to make a person smile.  Those words of encouragement can mean so much.  How little time does it take to write a note and leave it for someone to find?  What a wonderful way to build a community.  What a way to spread love.

My friends and I have been building our own community on WordPress.  Yesterday saw the first of our large group legal theft posts.  With a group of six perhaps to become seven, our blogs have been linked to one another.  We’re building bridges not walls even across the distances that separate us, and we’re trying to let others enjoy our company too by posting all of this for the wider perusal of WordPress and the Internet.

What notes have made you smile?  How are you building bridges?


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