June and my blog begin


I was hesitant about this whole blog thing; journals should be private.  I’ve hesitated for years, but I’ve just written a draft of a first entry and I’ve gotten myself super psyched!

I don’t dare attempt vlogging after the Cadmus fiasco, but I hope to use this à la the Vlogbrothers or the Gwelsey Virus (if the Vlogbrothers or Gwelsey were only one person each).  I will try to update every other day (on the odd days I think).  I will limit myself to 550 words (because all combinations of 500 words were taken).  I’m seeing this blog as a writing challenge and I know that I struggle to keep my word count down after Classical Mythology and Advanced Children’s Lit.  I will be updating friends on life and when life seems dull, probably dipping into lit. and film reviews or philosophical/nonsensical ramblings. As of June 20, I expect there will be many ‘what I learned at school today’ sort of entries, but I expect you’ll all enjoy those.

I will try to catch you up on my so far exciting summer, but I want to do today (or yesterday now) justice first:

Sarah is safely in Martha’s Vineyard.  She left Wednesday morning.

In other news, I finished unpacking!  Or I finished unpacking all that I think I will unpack.  As today is June 1—or at least, I “finished” unpacking on June 1—and I need to be packed again by June 18, there really seems to be very little point in finding places for things to hang on walls that I might never return to except on holidays (unlikely, but).  The clothes are in the closet and the drawers finally.  I reorganized all the school papers that I’m not willing to part with beneath the window bench.  I stuck the empty boxes out of the way.  I have reconquered my room, defeated the boxes, and laid claim once more to the floor!

The cleaning fever extended into the kitchen.  I entered the fridge without flinching, earning my “bravest princess” sash, and purged it of all the brown tangerines and lettuce leaves, the black lemons halves, the KFC meal from no one knows when, the pasta spirals that had returned to their original dried state, and the other various molds and ickies.  Then I took one shelf and scrubbed it down with disinfectant and Windex.  The other shelves were already too cluttered and I could not clear them off to take them from the fridge.  That will have to be another day’s project.

I also lost several hours (well, maybe) looking at all of your faces.  I took a chance and put Laura’s DVD into my disk drive.  I thought Leigh-Anne wouldn’t read it because she couldn’t read Mary’s DVD of my senior pictures, but surprise!  I now have a fairly long list I think of pictures of you all that I might print.  Also, Laura, your camera ROCKS at taking pictures in dark churches!  I’ve now been through all of Part 1.  Part 2 will be the relaxing hours of another day.

Well, that’s 506 words and if I try to add my pre-drafted entry for either the first day of summer or the last, I go over 550.  See, challenging already.  I’ll be back tomorrow with post 2.  Friends, thank you for pushing me to this new form.




About Kathryn

My love of books has been carefully cultivated by the adults who raised me and also by the friends who love to share. My life has led me down long library shelves, to online forums, fanfiction sites, the front of a lecture hall, and into the desks of college classrooms. With an English degree and a couple master’s classes in Children’s Literature, I am now a bookseller for Barnes & Noble. I have been an editor for Wizarding Life Networks (the people who brought you Wizarding Life, Panem October, and MyHogwarts now HogwartsIsHere).

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